UnFriday, UnCyber, UnBlitzin’

UnFriday, UnCyber, UnBlitzin’

We’ve tried to address this Black Friday thing, even ran a few ads, just to let you know we are engaged and aware of our customers.

Just can’t get into this full on commercial content messaging.

Thus our UnFriday, UnCyber, UnBlitzin’ Event….or rather, acknowledgment.

We would rather you celebrate in warmth of heart with family and friends, the roof over your head, and food on the table, than shop our store.

Yes, we have awesome products and incredible deals…..yet, we are not fully on line.

As one of, if not, the longest running, same owner surf shops on the planet…..we live it….with each paddle stroke, puff of wind, and rising swell and wave form.

We would rather you pick up the phone, connect with us one on one, regardless of where you are on this earth….I guess that’s  why they call us ‘old school’. But it works. And we absolutely delight in connecting with our customers this way.

45,000 clients worldwide, can’t be wrong. ( Thousands upon thousands of clients worldwide, can’t be wrong.)

So, if this is your Thanksgiving….enjoy the weekend. Forget about us.

Call us Tuesday….for all the same great deals.

We’ll be here.