Upcoming Promos – SUP & WindSUP Challenges, Open Houses & More!

1. WindSUP weekend challenge at the HUB – Fenelon Falls, Sprey Lake

  • Come give it your best shot around a simple rudimentary course
  • Receive proper windsurfing (windSUPing) instruction and pointers from a fully certified master IWSS instructor.
  • Don’t worry about wiping out on your board !….we are awarding special points for the best crash and burn

2. Cross Canada Challenge

It is no secret by now that it is Canada’s 150th….what??…where did the time go?

Personally I like being Canadian…I think it’s awesome….no matter how old I get.

So, to celebrate our own, and all those into the lifestyle of surf and SUPing….please send us your best photo as you celebrate life and your sport here in Canada!!

Like us on Facebook, share us on Instagram…..if your photo is selected ‘best of the bunch ‘…then please accept a special acknowledgement and gift from us J It could be totally random….but cool.

3. Down River Run and Log Dash at Indian Head Lodge – Pitts Lake, B.C.

Survival down river run at our wilderness upriver camp located in Pitts Lake, kind of a remote location in the B.C. interior. Yes there are Salmon and Grizzlies, and Pythons….( wait!…that’s somewhere else…more on that later )

Pretty Rad.

Grab your board, a fully sponsored Maui North heavy duty inflatable, made for just such a thing, and set out on a down river ‘survival’ paddle, complete with rapids. Personally, we hope you make it.

No prizes awarded here… we figure you’ll be happy enough just coming out of it alive.

And if you do… we will house and feed you at our private Lodge located on the shores of Pitts Lake.

There you can rest, nourish yourself, and be thankful for what will surely seem a new lease on life, and the good things that come with it. At which point an ear to ear grin is not uncommon.

And, if not fully battered and bruised, we will fly up to Whistler the next day for a few board runs to start the morning and get invigorated, then cross over to Vancouver Island and drop in at Tofino for a surf session on the notably decent swells! Followed by a shoreline lunch/dinner to celebrate and acknowledge the good times.

Being Canadian has certain advantages.

Sound Cool?