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Super Bowl Inspired SUP Standup Paddle Board Packages


Game on!! Don’t sit it out on the sidelines…get ready to ride with SUP, Standup Paddle Board, Windsurf, and Surf Gear from Maui North!

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SUP Sale - SUP Board Packages Sale

The BIG Maui North Christmas SUP Sale Marathon!

The BIG Maui North
Christmas SUP Sale Marathon! 


SUP Board Packages Gift & Wrapped Ready to Go from $995
Fantastic SUP, WindSUP, Inflatable SUP & Windsurfing Boards.

Immediate $50 call in rebate towards any board package!

Each board backed by our SUP Satisfaction Guarantee!!
It’s just that, you are happy and fully satisfied with your board, or you can switch it up for any other board we carry of equal or greater value.
We certify fun!

Last Minute Santa??

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Board Packages


Together we’ll build a board package that’s perfect for you and your budget.

Basic……..Board only.
Enhanced……Board + Paddle
Super….Board + Paddle + Leash
Pro….Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag
Super Pro Deluxe….. Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag + Paddle Bag
The Works…. Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag + Paddle Bag + Wet Suit

Call text or email to secure your savings.
Open 7 days a week – 8 a.m. til midnight during
this Marathon Sale!

Happy Holidays from Maui North!

Call 905-751-7205 or Visit us Onsite at:

Newmarket, ON: 4282 Vivian Road, Cedar Valley (directly East of Newmarket, moments from the 404).  Open 8am-midnight.

Fenelon Falls, ON: 106 Bond St. West, Fenelon Falls

British Colombia: Vancouver, Squamish, and Pitt Lake

Maui North

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Recap: Canadian National Wakeboard Championships at Spray Lake

Last weekend we were on-water at the Canadian National Wakeboard Championships at Spray Lake in Newmarket.  A ton of fun had by all, and some exciting competition!  For full results check out  Maui North was onsite doing on-water demos, rentals, and sales.  A fine time was had by all!

Check our pics below.  Sun, fun, kids & adults.  SUP, wakeboarding swimming and lounging.

Hot on the heels of the Canadian National Wakeboard Championships…the Worlds are running this weekend in Toronto!

With a blazing and sunny weekend ahead…we have board deals and events to match. Stellar!

Open House & Inventory Clear Out all Weekend!

This weekend, we’re going full tilt!  All locations are having our Inventory clear-out.  If you’ve been waiting to buy your Stand Up Paddle Board, now is definitely the time!

Newmarket, ON: 4282 Vivian Road, Cedar Valley (directly East of Newmarket, moments from the 404).  Open 8am-10pm.  Come check out our inventory, then we’ll bus over to the lake and you can try before you buy!

Fenelon Falls, ON: 106 Bond St. West, Fenelon Falls

British Colombia: Vancouver, Squamish, and Pitt Lake

Head out to any of our on water locations, hop on a board, enjoy a paddle session, then carve yourself a great board deal!

Take it home with you, or have it delivered. Cash and carry specials!

Awesome hard boards, and incredible, user friendly inflatables…..all good! and well-priced!  Looking for couples packages? We’ve got a great line up of his and hers boards.

stand up paddle boards in stock at Maui North - inventory clear out, great deals and sales

What Makes Maui North Different?

If you want a professional hands on approach to finding the best board, trust our experts. We want to find the BEST board for you. Touch and try all our boards to see what your perfect fit is!

Hit us up!


Call or text, direct hot line: 905-751-7205


Can’t make it out? Shop online at

Pictures from Last Weekend