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The BIG Maui North Christmas SUP Sale Marathon!

The BIG Maui North
Christmas SUP Sale Marathon! 


SUP Board Packages Gift & Wrapped Ready to Go from $995
Fantastic SUP, WindSUP, Inflatable SUP & Windsurfing Boards.

Immediate $50 call in rebate towards any board package!

Each board backed by our SUP Satisfaction Guarantee!!
It’s just that, you are happy and fully satisfied with your board, or you can switch it up for any other board we carry of equal or greater value.
We certify fun!

Last Minute Santa??

You’ve come to the right place!
If you have saved the best for last….check this.

Choose your package…increase your savings as you go.
FREE Same-Day Delivery Available

Board Packages


Together we’ll build a board package that’s perfect for you and your budget.

Basic……..Board only.
Enhanced……Board + Paddle
Super….Board + Paddle + Leash
Pro….Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag
Super Pro Deluxe….. Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag + Paddle Bag
The Works…. Board + Paddle + Leash + Board Bag + Paddle Bag + Wet Suit

Call text or email to secure your savings.
Open 7 days a week – 8 a.m. til midnight during
this Marathon Sale!

Happy Holidays from Maui North!

Call 905-751-7205 or Visit us Onsite at:

Newmarket, ON: 4282 Vivian Road, Cedar Valley (directly East of Newmarket, moments from the 404).  Open 8am-midnight.

Fenelon Falls, ON: 106 Bond St. West, Fenelon Falls

British Colombia: Vancouver, Squamish, and Pitt Lake

Maui North

Summer’s Still Sizzling!

Savings You’ve Been Waiting For…

Summer is still sizzling! The weather is hot but Maui North deals are hotter!  If you’ve been waiting all summer for amazing deals, the time is now… come out to our warehouses where you can try before you buy.

Because of the unfortunate weather hitting our neighbours in the south, we had to cancel our annual trip to the Florida Trade show.  So we’re bringing all our Stand Up Paddle Board Sales right to you! Along with deals on WindSUP, Windsurfing, inflatables inSUP, accessories and more!

Not only do we have great deals on SUP but also WindSUP, especially now that it’s our windy season!
For the windsurfer in you, clearance specials on select Mistral boards.

We’re clearing out our locations! This weekend only, Thursday through Sunday, pay NO HST on select models!

Check out this incredible exclusive deal!

Save over $1000 on
the KM Hawaii Compressor!

Regular: $2495-$2695 
Now: $1195-$1295

The KM Compressor – a superbly crafted cruiser. Fast. Sleek. Great deal!

Elegant and exceptional!
F-One’s in stunning bamboo.
Call and work your deal or click here!

We’ve also got great deals on Board Bags, so you can get ready to store yours away, or travel to warmer climates and SUP all winter long!

Call 905-751-7205 or visit us onsite at:

Newmarket, ON: 4282 Vivian Road, Cedar Valley (directly East of Newmarket, moments from the 404).  Open 8am-10pm.  Come check out our inventory, then we’ll bus over to the lake and you can try before you buy!

Fenelon Falls, ON: 106 Bond St. West, Fenelon Falls

British Colombia: Vancouver, Squamish, and Pitt Lake

Head out to any of our on water locations, hop on a board, enjoy a paddle session, then carve yourself a great board deal!

Take it home with you, or have it delivered. Cash and carry specials!

Awesome hard boards, and incredible, user friendly inflatables…..all good! and well-priced!  Looking for couples packages? We’ve got a great line up of his and hers boards.

What Makes Maui North Different?

If you want a professional hands on approach to finding the best board, trust our experts. We want to find the BEST board for you. Touch and try all our boards to see what your perfect fit is!

Hit us up!


Call or text, direct hot line: 905-751-7205


Can’t make it out? Shop online at

Summer is still blazing! What are you waiting for?

Maui North

stand up paddle board ontario

Newmarket Kids with Cancer Event & Vancouver Warehouse Sale

Kids with Cancer Event – Spray Lake

Sunday, July 23rd., at Noon…onwards, to late afternoon.

As the name implies….it is a fun event in support of kids and their families.

Last year, it was held in September, right at the same time as my big surf trade show in Orlando…I set an intense pace at the show, and bailed early, so that I could attend and deliver boards to the site….landed at 10:45am and made it to the site, boards in hand, at noon. Awesome!

The smiles and happiness expressed on the faces of those kids, and family members, says it all.

We are honoured to participate, and hopefully help in some uplifting moments, once again.

The quiet struggle that these children and families endure, goes straight to my heart, anyone’s heart I’m sure.

To be part of that moment, to just be kids…..radiant.

The One Day Only….Be There or be Square Warehouse SUP Sales Event, Vancouver, B.C.

A one day event, held in the parking lot of our warehouse location in Vancouver. It will actually comprise just a few short hours, as our crew loads up remaining boards headed to our location in Squamish.

A fantastic chance to score some amazingly good deals on the best boards out there!

If any clients dawdle, too bad, they missed it….we’re outta there!

From there the celebrations will continue however…as we augment the whole package with SUP, WindSup, and Windsurf launch and fanfare Squamish.

I might actually get out myself and learn to Windsurf! Stellar face plants included….

Date and time to be confirmed! Wednesday-ish….so far!

I will launch a West Coast campaign this weekend to match up, develop a reserve list of clients, and pre sell the packages.

This will also help augment a push to vitalize West Coast Ops. And start bringing into focus the Asian production and delivery of our new gear and components, as well as Tahoe product up from Reno, and possibly ArtinSurf from Cali, as well as Kazuma.

Fun, mixed with work…guaranteed!

Open House Sale and Board Demo Event – Toronto( Newmarket), Fenelon Falls, Vancouver

Sales Marathon This Weekend Flat out…Sat/Sun 8 a.m.-midnite. Great Boards and Gear! Get yours!

Happy Canada 150!

Happy Canada Day!!

Canada 150….how awesome is that!

We plan to party and rage at all locations, throw caution to the wind, and just celebrate every moment!

In true Canadian style, we’re not holding back! We are grabbing our boards and heading out!

Whether it be smacking a glorious off the lip, a flawless smoothly executed bottom turn, or the leisurely cruise of a glass smooth morning lake….even a stellar wipeout, or face plant….we’re in!

We know the rest of you be rippin’ too.

We want to hear of your adventures, spot those ear to ear grins, and share in your sessions.

This is when our Spirit and intentions are set on expand….we embrace all our brothers and sisters.

Let your Spirits soar Canada! Bring it!

Happy Holidays – Great Board Savings at Maui North

Hey! It’s the Long Weekend in Canada…and Canada’s Birthday!…lots of stuff going on!

Kid’s are out of school, we are all making heady and chill plans for this coming weekend.

Here in Sunny Ontario….what??….yeah, we know.

Let’s not get bummed.

No matter what’s going down, there is always sunshine at Maui North.

Well worth the visit to any of our locations, and lots of fun ways to save!

Drizzle Day Savings

Just show up when it’s raining, we are a great destination anyway!

….and just for getting outside, showing some gumption, we will reward you with $50. Off any board we carry, same day purchase….you’ll be ready to paddle in the sunshine the second the weather clears!

Paddle Your Way to Savings

Making it even more fun, and maybe you’ll be even more fired up with a morning coffee by then!….we encourage you to get out on any of our boards, try them out…and earn an extra $10. Discount for each paddle session or effort…..a great way to try out your new board….fun, and additional savings!

So, what are you waiting for??….rain or shine….we’re here!

Always open. Call us.

Maui North


The HUB – Fenelon Falls – primo on water demo facility, weather & wind report, on site rentals & sales!


summer solstice maui north stand up paddle boarding

Summer Solstice Sessions

The HUB – Surf and Turf

The long weekend is coming.

Book your stay at our shoreline B&B….and get out on some of the best Surf and SUP boards around.

Blaze about, tour the shoreline, stunning little Bays and inlets, drift into Town, ‘park’ your boards; chill with an ice cream or sumptuous meal in town. We know the spots!

To paddle at sunset here is beyond stunning and a real inspirational treat; or pull up a chair on the shoreline and watch the sun set…..a fitting end to another spectacular day!

Wake to new adventures the very next day. Perfect.

Special Sup Board Event – Squamish

Head up to Squamish, hang with Jon, check out some of our great rides….try an introduction to Sup Yoga!

Then pencil a deal on some of the most stunning boards you will find!

Tailored to your sense of Adventure

Fun. Delivered.

Open House – Maui North

A warm up to summer is not complete without matching hot deals on truly awesome SUP’s from Maui North.

We are here to get you riding and into that SUP zone…elements of Surf that continually inspire and ignite. Even if you’ve only had the slightest hint of experience… your Inner Surfer knows what we are talking about! The pulse quickens, work and the myriad of other distractions fade… the thought of open water vistas pervade the senses.  Life is good! We call these ‘Sessions’.

The inspiration embeds into your being, and lasts infinitely longer.

We have the best job in the World.  Meeting and sharing ‘Sessions’ with you!

You can connect and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive contest and more!

The HUB at Maui North Fenelon Falls!

Welcome to Maui North

maui north sup windsurfing kitesurfingWelcome to Maui North.  Here we’ll be posting news about exciting promos and upcoming events across Canada, the US, and Jamaica.

Maui North has been specializing in SUP, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing since 1976. Boards are all we do.

With locations in Newmarket, Sprey Lake, Fennelon Falls, Lake Simcoe, Toronto, Whistler, Jamaica & more, we’ve got the passion and expertise to find the best board for you.

Spring is here, we’re ready to hit the ground running, or the water paddling!  Contact us for the best deals on boards you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re got amazing deals on packages in time for Mother’s Day, and don’t forget the May 24 long weekend is just around the corner.

There’s nothing better on a warm spring day than getting on your stand up paddle board and hitting the water. Whether you’re cruising, practicing yoga, or racing a friend – nothing beats it!

For all the latest you can subscribe to our Newsletter, connect with us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram.

– JD