Happy Canada 150!

Happy Canada Day!!

Canada 150….how awesome is that!

We plan to party and rage at all locations, throw caution to the wind, and just celebrate every moment!

In true Canadian style, we’re not holding back! We are grabbing our boards and heading out!

Whether it be smacking a glorious off the lip, a flawless smoothly executed bottom turn, or the leisurely cruise of a glass smooth morning lake….even a stellar wipeout, or face plant….we’re in!

We know the rest of you be rippin’ too.

We want to hear of your adventures, spot those ear to ear grins, and share in your sessions.

This is when our Spirit and intentions are set on expand….we embrace all our brothers and sisters.

Let your Spirits soar Canada! Bring it!

Happy Holidays – Great Board Savings at Maui North

Hey! It’s the Long Weekend in Canada…and Canada’s Birthday!…lots of stuff going on!

Kid’s are out of school, we are all making heady and chill plans for this coming weekend.

Here in Sunny Ontario….what??….yeah, we know.

Let’s not get bummed.

No matter what’s going down, there is always sunshine at Maui North.

Well worth the visit to any of our locations, and lots of fun ways to save!

Drizzle Day Savings

Just show up when it’s raining, we are a great destination anyway!

….and just for getting outside, showing some gumption, we will reward you with $50. Off any board we carry, same day purchase….you’ll be ready to paddle in the sunshine the second the weather clears!

Paddle Your Way to Savings

Making it even more fun, and maybe you’ll be even more fired up with a morning coffee by then!….we encourage you to get out on any of our boards, try them out…and earn an extra $10. Discount for each paddle session or effort…..a great way to try out your new board….fun, and additional savings!

So, what are you waiting for??….rain or shine….we’re here!

Always open. Call us.

Maui North


The HUB – Fenelon Falls – primo on water demo facility, weather & wind report, on site rentals & sales!